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Medium Porthole Tide Clock (Solid Brass)

The Royal Mariner Porthole range of instruments are based on a traditional porthole design, with hinge and two dog screws for latching.

These instruments are manufactured from solid unlacquered brass, which has been polished to a fine finish.

This range is available in Small (80mm Dial), medium (115mm Dial) and large (143mm Dial)

Batteries can be easily replaced on these instruments as they are accessible by opening the front opening porthole mechanism.

Clocks are available as either a standard timepiece, or tide clocks, which have an additional hand to indicate lunar time.

Lunar time covers a period of 24 Hours and 50 minutes, which approximates the cycle of high and low tides.


 Base:  145 mm

 Dial: 80 mm

 Height: 52 mm

Base Diameter 186mm
Dial Size 115mm
Height 52mm